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Ten Safety Tips When Making Your Own Candles

Here are ten safety tips you should always follow when making your own candles, courtesy of

  1. Never use lead wicks.
  2. Do not heat wax directly over an open flame. Use a double-boiler, presto pot, or turkey roaster.
  3. Always use a thermometer when melting wax, taking care to not allow it to heat above @225.
  4. Excessive additives/oils (including scent) can be a hazard. Wax will only hold a set amount of scent - for one pound of wax, most use from .5 to 1.5 ounces of scent.
  5. Colors used in your candle are also like oils, and can affect the way it burns. A sign of too many additives is a candle that smokes even though the wick is properly trimmed. Always test each formula thoroughly.
  6. Only use fragrance/coloring specifically made for use in candles.
  7. Only use containers specifically made for burning candles, capable of withstanding the extreme heat that will be produced.
  8. Choose the best wick(s) for each formula.
  9. Indications of a too-small wick are a candle that quickly 'drowns out', or a melt-pool that does not reach to the outer edges of the candle when burned properly.
  10. Wicks that are too large will produce a flame in excess of 1", and may develop melt pools deeper than 3/4", a sign that excessive heat may be present.


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