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The Romance of Candles

Candles soothe the soul, focus the mind, ease the spirit and relax the body. A softly flickering flame, gently dancing on the breeze, beckons you to view, to contemplate, to remember.

Use candles in various arrangements to set a mood - one or two for contemplation, a small grouping for an intimate gathering, surrounding a room for a romantic getaway no matter where you are.

Many different candle scents are often available, as single scents or in combinations that may surprise you. If you prefer to control the combination, buy candles of each single scent and light them near one another.

I love the idea of lining up a thousand tea lights flickering upon the edge of a lavender scented bath, wrapping my hair up in one of those nifty white spa turbans, and relaxing with a bodice-ripper romance while the steam gently clears my day's stress. But who's got time?!

You may not have time for the total relaxation of a spa experience, the hours of pampering and the luxury of being waited on hand and foot for an entire afternoon. You may not have the luxury of relaxing in a steam-filled bath surrounded by thousands of tea lights. It'd take a couple of hours to light them all, and by then the kids will be screaming through the bathroom door demanding pizza for dinner.

But that's why candles are so cool. You don't need to light a dozen votive candles nestled within dried floral arrangements on each carefully clutter-free'd table. (Well, you could if you want to - some of us just don't have the time or energy to do that.) Just pick up one or two small candles in your favorite scents and keep them handy for those times when you need a mini-break. Light one up and breathe deeply. Plus you don't have to be an expert decorator (or hire an expert decorator) to enjoy candles.

You'll see me writing more throughout The Candle Lass. Just plain talk, plain advice, plain speaking.

What's Here?

Candles, candlesticks, candelabra, candle lanterns, candle making equipment, and things like that.

What candle scents and aromatherapy attributes are available? Browse the Find by Scents, Attributes section to discover a wide variety of candle scents and candle aromatherapy attributes you may find pleasing.

Interested in making your own candles? Visit our Candlemaking department for candle making equipment, candle materials, candle scents, candle colors and candlemaking instruction books.


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