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Thinking about accessorizing a room with candles? Decorating and accessorizing with candles can be natural and easy with just a few simple candle decorating tips.

  • Match your candle color to your room's accent color, not the wall paint or carpet. If you match your candle color to the large colors of a room, the candle will disappear into the overall room color.
  • Don't worry if you can't find an exact color match to your room accent color. Candle colors appear lighter when the candle is lit.
  • Match your candle accessories to the ambience. A light and airy crystal lotus candle holder will look beautiful in a light airy room, but may seem out of place in a heavily wood panelled den.
  • Young children in the picture? Avoid towering candlesticks and candelabra which may tilt when hit by a football or flying tackle. Use flameless candles to avoid disaster while still gaining the candle-lit effect.
  • Candles don't have to be lit to make sense and scents. Find a candle with your favorite scent, preferably in a candle jar with a tightly-fitting lid. Your new candle will add beautiful fragrance to a room even if you never light the wick. Just lift the lid for short periods of time, then replace it to conserve the scent. For more intense effects, place the candle within range of warm sunshine. No sunshine? Consider a warming plate!
  • Looking for a rustic touch? Choose a wrought-iron candle holder or a hand-carved wood block candlestick for that turn-of-LAST-century effect.
  • For a little touch of decor accent, choose a little candle - a votive candle, to be specific. Be sure to place votive candles in votive candle holders so they'll last well and be displayed safely.

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