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Making An On-Purpose Spatter-fest with Candle Making Projects

There's just something about making candles that's insanely self-satisfying. Melting a big block of wax. Making a mess accidentally on purpose. That heart-thumping feeling that you may have just wrecked your favorite sauce pan. But when everything is said and done, and all the bits of spattered wax are cleaned off the counter, and you stand back and look at what you've accomplished, you've just got to smile.

Anyone can go out and buy a candle. Heck, you can buy candles right here at The Candle Lass, and you'll find a lot of different types of candles to choose from! But it takes a certain special bold something to actually make one on your own.

So prop up a handy basic how-to book about candlemaking, go through the list of gear you're going to want to have on hand, gather up (or order) your starting equipment, send the kids to the movies, and have a blast!


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